Make Quality Assurance Part of Your Everyday Care

APMS® provides ONE portal for all of your medication safety and quality reporting needs. Whether you are a community or compounding pharmacy, your staff can easily report near misses and errors that reach the patient. Enjoy the ability to record medication mishaps as well as adverse events, and have easy access to MEDWATCH and VERS (vaccine/ immunization) forms all in one spot.


Maintain Compliance

Pharmacies are required to prove they are using a formal continuous quality improvement program by many states, most 3rd party programs, and all Medicare Part D contracts. APMS® is an approved program that will keep you compliant.

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Increase Patient Safety

Our program helps to cultivate a positive safety culture where employees feel secure reporting errors and receive proper corrective training. Ultimately, monitoring how your team works will improve the quality of care you provide customers.


Reduce Operations Costs

Identify which prescriptions your team must re-do frequently and quickly implement corrective measures and training. Our programs will also help you know where to focus your resources for more efficient operations, or to prevent common mistakes happening in other pharmacies like yours.


Get the Benefits of PSO Protection

Being an APMS® member and using our program will provide you with legal protection and confidentiality when mistakes do occur.

How We Help Pharmacies

Let’s be honest – sometimes mistakes happen. A doctor writes the wrong dosage, a clerk transposes a digit or a technician pulls the wrong drug. Fortunately, your final check catches almost all of these missteps and no one is hurt. But, you still wonder if there are more things you can do to make sure you never let an error cause harm to one of your patients.

A federally listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO) since 2008, has worked with thousands of independent and chain pharmacies to improve pharmacy workflow, increase quality of patient care, and reduce risk.

Our Pharmacy Quality Commitment Plus (PQC+) program makes it easy for our phamacies to learn from past mistakes, adopt best practices, and share lessons learned from other pharmacies like them. Joining our PSO allows pharmacies to track and study patient safety data without fear of exposure.

One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All

If you are a chain pharmacy looking for a PSO partner, we are happy to discuss a customized solution that would fit your quality assurance needs.