Your Path to Becoming a Better Pharmacy

It’s a delicate balance. Your pharmacy needs to stay in compliance with your state or third party network quality assurance requirements. You need a quality improvement process to discover the weak spots in your pharmacy workflow so that you can correct them.

To do this you need to collect data on errors, but you need to know that your data is safe and protected.

Implement Better Workflows

PQC+ is a continuous quality improvement program that helps you establish a quality conscious workflow and identify, report, and analyze your quality-related patient safety events.

Get Expert Support

Our patient safety experts provide tips and medication safety recommendations so that you can review your operations to reduce errors and enhance patient care. We help you understand why errors and claims happen and provide tools to help prevent them.

Make Informed Decisions

Easy-to-use charts and spreadsheets allow you to view your reported events to aid you in determining process improvements within your company. Newsletters, webinars and other resources provide recommendations on best practices and operations, allowing you to compare your data with similar pharmacies.

Take Practical Steps to Make Long-lasting Improvements

PQC+ makes implementation of process changes and follow-up on those changes easy to manage
so that you can benchmark your goals and re-evaluate your progress.

PQC+ Features

PQC+ gives you a ‘big picture’ view of the strenghts and weakness in your pharmacy workflow and practical advice on how to improve. Our PQC+ program has three key pieces:

  • Resources and training to ensure PQC+ becomes a meaningful and ongoing program for improvement in your pharmacy - not simply another manual on a shelf.
  • A unique, ultra-secure reporting portal to enter your incident data, protecting it from discovery — none of your patient safety work can be used against you in a legal proceeding.
  • A quick and easy way to prove to any third party auditor you are using a continuous quality improvement program.

Made for Pharmacies

Pharmacy is our focus. We understand how you operate and respect that your time is valuable. We help you get the necessary paperwork completed and the training done quickly.

  • Establish written CQI Policies and Procedures
  • Ensure that staff CQI training or education is provided to all pharmacy personnel
  • Ensure that QREs are documented, reported and analyzed
  • View and print incident reports and event data
  • Maintain security of patient safety data