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Your Partner in Quality Improvement

The Alliance for Patient Medication Safety (APMS) PSO provides thousands of independent, chain, and compounding pharmacies with a simple, effective, and affordable continuous quality improvement program. Our tools and services help pharmacies report and study patient safety events, implement corrective training, and improve patient care and prevent risk.

Quality Assurance

Comply with Quality Assurance requirements found in network contracts, Medicare Part D, and state regulations.

Data Safety

Protect your patient safety data and quality improvement work.

Workflow Improvement

Save money by improving workflow and decreasing the chance that potential harmful events may reach the patient.

Team Culture

Establish a strong team oriented patient safety culture.


A Solid Business Decision

A Strong CQI program is a sound investment in your business. It makes good business sense to reduce risk and improve productivity by staying on top of error and near miss trends in your pharmacy. The Boards of Pharmacy in 14 states, Accreditation and Credentialing programs, and your network contracts (Medicare Part D) require pharmacies to have a quality improvement/medication safety program in place.

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Training & Education for your Staff

Getting started is simple and straight forward, but like any effective management process will require time, effort, and a commitment to improvement to be truly effective. But do not worry, the experts on staff at APMS® have helped thousands of pharmacists successfully incorporate Pharmacy Quality Commitment into their workflow and are eager to help you too.

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Protect Your Work with a PSO

You need a quality improvement process to discover the weak spots in your pharmacy workflow so that you can correct them. You want to continue to build a strong, just culture of safety. Your pharmacy has must comply with your state, accreditation, third-party network quality assurance requirements. To do this you need to collect and analyze data on errors and near miss events, but you need to know that your patient safety work and data is safe and protected.

APMS is a federally listed Patient Safety Organization (PSO), which allows our pharmacy members to participate in continuous quality improvement activities in a legally protected environment. Participating pharmacy members can track and study patient safety data without fear of exposure. Pharmacists can share information about trends and best practices associated with dispensing errors or other medication errors with absolute confidentiality.

Our Services

Get a handle on your pharmacy's workflows, risks, and discover opportunities for improvement.

APMS provides the tools and the resources to track your errors so that you can zero in on weak spots with corrective training and or new process steps. Understand where to devote resources for staff training and decrease operational costs.

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