Protect Yourself with a PSO

It makes good business sense to stay on top of error and near miss trends in your pharmacy. The Boards of Pharmacy in 14 states, Accreditation and Credentialing programs, and your network contracts (Medicare Part D) require pharmacies to have a quality improvement/medication safety program in place. But, state peer review protection is often weak or non-existent and unless you are collecting and studying your patient safety data under PSO protection, you could be putting your pharmacy at legal risk.

PSO Protection

The 2005 Patient Safety Act provided for the creation of patient safety organizations or PSOs. The intention of the law is to encourage healthcare organizations to collect, report, study errors and subsequently share those findings in order to improve patient safety and care. Patient Safety Organizations provide the protection needed for all quality assurance work within your pharmacy. APMS® is a federally listed patient safety organization!

Patient Safety Data

The Patient Safety Act allows providers to share information for learning purposes without jeopardizing the protection of that data. The Act allows healthcare providers to study patient safety data, conduct quality assurance/peer review meetings and perform root cause analysis without fear of exposing that work. You can compare your findings with what others like you are reporting. Pharmacies within our PSO can learn from aggregate data from over 3500 regional chain and independent pharmacies.

The Learning Cycle Never Stops Here

The APMS® patient safety experts create continuing education and learning modules for our members based on reviewed data, so that you can continue to develop your quality improvement program and make timely changes in your processes or workflow patterns.